Timo Linniemi

Head of Planning, Partner, Milton
As a creative and planning director, Timo’s personal growth trajectory has mirrored that of his company Miltton, which has risen to become one of the leading creative consultancies in the Nordics, combining all breeds of communication with strategic advisory and foresight. Timo draws his passion from being able to combine societal, economic, technological and cultural truths into something that surprises, delights, and shakes up his clients’ and their stakeholders.

The majority of Timo’s clientele consists of sustainability-driven industrial B2B companies, but he is also a sought after planner and creative for consumer products and associations. His internationally awarded work is characterized by the use of unique creative storytelling vehicles and a thoroughly channel- and discipline-independent approach to solving business problems.

Timo joined Miltton as an intern in 2008, having first written the perhaps the most typo-ridden application in human history on a barely functional computer in the Pakistani mountains. He has acted as a judge for multiple creative and PR competitions. He lives happily in Finland with the world’s most amazing woman and their 3 year old centre of the universe.